Well Genie

Eliminates iron stains and rotten egg odors from Hydrogen Sulfide because the Well Genie’s filter media has huge amounts of Manganese Dioxide, an active ingredient, proven to effectively treat Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide.  This is why the Well Genie works where other iron reduction systems fail.

Well Genie


Eliminates the Need For:
Chlorine (for oxidation)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Potassium Permanganate
Chemical Pumps*
*Provided chlorine is not required for disinfection or when iron bacteria is present.

How it Works
The Well Genie system consists of a control valve, pressurized mineral tank and our special Well Genie filter media.  Water flows through the Well Genie filter media, which acts as a catalyst to use the oxygen content of the water to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese. Subsequently, these oxidized particles are trapped by the filter media and removed from your water during the backwash.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Additional Advantages:

High flow rate ( 13GPM / cu. ft. of media)

Treats up to 15 ppm iron, 
7 ppm hydrogen sulfide and 
3 ppm manganese
Low cost on a GPM basis